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Project funded by EU

PURESCRAP – purity improvement of scrap metal has been co-funded by the European Union with a total budget of 6.2 M euro. The project started 2023 and will continue until June 2026.

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The project aims to increase the use of low-quality scrap grades (post-consumer scrap) by deploying and applying best available technologies to reduce impurities. During the project, sensor stations will be integrated in the two separate processing chains for heavy (cut) and shredded scrap to improve the impurity removal and enable a more efficient scrap processing.

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Start up phase

The project is in its first development phase where the methods, sensors and facilities are being prepared. Campaigns for scrap purification are planned for 2024.

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News & Information

  • Insights from Jonas and Adrian at the ESTEP Event
    The event collected various aspects of the steel industry. These forums are important to find synergies and collaboration opportunities between projects. A large focus was placed on hydrogen in many forms, both for heating and for reduction. A session was… Read more: Insights from Jonas and Adrian at the ESTEP Event
  • Happy Easter!
    Hoppy Easter from the PURESCRAP team to all our egg-straordinary followers! Get ready to crack open new possibilities in post-consumer scrap recycling with some egg-ceptional sensor technology solutions! If you’re curious to learn more, hop through our website and take… Read more: Happy Easter!
  • PURESCRAP at the ESTEP Spring Dissemination event 2024
    Jonas Petersson (SWERIM) and Adrian Götting (TU Dortmund) are going to introduce barriers and drivers for the increased use of post consumer scrap at the ESTEP Spring Dissemination event in brussels. They are looking forward to the sessions and engaging… Read more: PURESCRAP at the ESTEP Spring Dissemination event 2024
  • 2nd PURESCRAP newsletter
    Our Latest Newsletter is here! – Enjoy an exclusive interview with our coordinator Jonas Petersson, – Discover more about the project partners and– Stay up to date with our sensor development 2nd PURESCRAP newsletter – Nov2023
  • Meet the coordinator
    Our project coordinator Jonas Petersson holds a PhD in Chemistry from Uppsala University with specialization in femtosecond time-resolved laser spectroscopy. Since 2016 he is active in the group of analytical process monitoring at Swerim developing new methods for the iron… Read more: Meet the coordinator
  • Deliverable 7.2
    The deliverable “Project webpage” is now available. It is a brief description of the webpage you are currently visiting.

This project is co-funded by the European Union, grant agreement ID 101092168